Information about my research.

My research looks at women and non-binary people’s experiences of streaming on Twitch, with a focus on themes of community, boundaries, and authenticity.

This research takes a Marxist-feminist approach to analysing the work of streamers, examining ideas of aspirational and affective labour.

I am looking to interview streamers of a range of viewer counts to discuss their experiences streaming, and how they have built their audience. This will involve a 60-minute semi-structured interview over Zoom, or another option, if preferred.

All participants have the option to remain anonymous, and thus would not be identifiable in any way. However, participants can choose not to be anonymous, if they wish, and can choose a name to go by in this research and subsequent publications.

I also work with participants in a participant-centred approach, to ensure that their experiences, thoughts and definitions are the ones represented in the research. Participants are able to read my work throughout the research process, and I will not publish any work without first sharing a draft without those who participated having the opportunity to comment.

I am happy to answer any questions about this research by email or Twitter DM.

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